LGA Visualization

LGA Visualization for Micro Scale Logic Gate Design

In order to better visualize the creation of LGA logic gates, this project aimed to create a supplemental tool which emulated the LGA rule sets in a CAD-like environment. The current LGA design framework is limited in its visualization of the design space, which makes it difficult to diagnose errors in gate design. The newly developed supplemental tool utilizes the Processing development language to create an easy to use assisted drawing environment. This tool accurately portrays the rules in the original LGA environment in both single-step and continuous run modes. Reversing and reflective walls are distinguished by differing shape, while particle direction is indicated by arrows. Sources and sinks are similarly distinguished. Finally, the tool is able to output a series of coordinates that can be directly copied into an existing LGA experiment file. This allows for the linking of multiple gates in the original LGA environment. This tool comes in two forms: Web and Full:

Full Version

Download Processing Files

The full version can be downloaded with the link above or by

git clone https://github.com/tlibey/LGA_Visualization.git

This version has all of the features of the web version plus an enhanced shortcut list, file saves/loads, and a customizable workspace. To use this version you will need the latest version of processing (click here to go to the download page). Full file descriptions, including instructions and comments can be found within the code. In the comments you can also find useful tips for designing with this tool and other information I found useful. I also detail a few of the unreached stretch goals which you may wish to implement.

Web Version

The web version is a last minute addition to the project that lets you experiment with my tool without any downloads. In the web version below you can add all the lga objects as in the full version and even export through the console line. It is not fully tested accross multiple systems but it does run as of 12/13/13 at 2pm on my computer on chrome. Shortcuts, saving, and loading are disabled since I couldn't find a good work around in time. Most of the buttons should be self explanatory and you can try it out by clicking around the grid space. The toggle draw mode button is the main source for changing which type of lga object you would like to draw (wall, particle, sinks(and rev walls), or sources). Have fun!

Web Version

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